About our Language Classes

The Speech and Language Provision

Class Curriculum Overviews

Each half term parents will receive a class curriculum overview of the topics we will be covering and other important dates.  Curriculum overviews will be sent home via Arbor.


The aim of the Speech and Language Provision is to offer intensive Speech and Language therapy together with specialist teaching in small classes for children who have a variety of severe speech & language disorders.

The work of the language classes is tailored to the needs of each individual child. By using specialist teaching and therapy techniques, we develop a child’s speech and language skills to their fullest potential. We then help the child to develop strategies which enable them to cope with any long term difficulties they may have.

What happens in the Speech and Language Provision?

There are two language classes. The Lower Language Class is for children from Reception to Year 2/3 and the Upper Language Class has children from Year 3 to Year 6.

When children enter the provision, they are assessed by the Speech & Language therapists as necessary. Each child has targets and an individual programme drawn up to address both their language and educational needs.

The children who are in the language classes share playtimes, assemblies, lunchtimes, and some lessons with mainstream classes. Both language classes follow the National Curriculum. Special teaching techniques including the use of Makaton signing, visual symbols and regular speech and language therapy help the children to make progress with their communication skills.

When a child is ready, he or she is gradually included into an age- appropriate mainstream class. They are supported by a member of the language classes’ staff as necessary. They remain part of the provision and continue to have Speech and Language Therapy. Their progress is carefully monitored and when staff assess that it is appropriate, they return to their local mainstream primary school. Some children, however, transfer at Year 6 to secondary school, and others move on to specialist environments.

Who attends the provision?

There are twenty four places in the provision for children with severe speech & language disorders. Entrance criteria and suitability for a place is advised by a Speech Therapist specialising in Language Disorder and admissions are managed by the local authority’s Special Needs Placement Department and not Raglan Primary School.

The children in the provision all have a Statement of Educational Needs/EHC Plan. All of the children have an average or above average intellectual ability and learning capacity. Although they may have other difficulties, their speech and language disorder must be their primary difficulty.

Miss Reid-Smith