Learning Is For Everyone @ Raglan

Following consultation with pupils, staff, parents and Governors we have agreed our ethos and vision statements that will help shape our future choices. We will encourage our whole School community to embrace the motto “Learning Is For Everyone @ Raglan (LIFE@Raglan)” as we believe, through learning, we all have an opportunity to improve the world around us.


Raglan is an inclusive School at the heart of the local community. We provide a welcoming, safe learning environment built on mutual respect and trust where we challenge all to reach their full potential.

We have developed a vision for Raglan that is shared by the whole school community.


Our shared vision brings together all of our aspirations to provide a picture of what our School will look like in the future. Many of these qualities are currently visible in our School and we are determined to retain the qualities that make Raglan unique while continuously improving towards this goal.

Raglan is a forward thinking learning community where everyone makes outstanding progress and feels safe, included and valued. It is a place where staff, Governors and parents work collaboratively to provide a creative, aspirational and inspiring learning adventure.

Our children love to learn, welcome challenge and are not afraid to make mistakes. They are confident, curious and questioning and will become active and informed global citizens able to succeed in a complex, changing world.

We hope that you have already started to see some changes that reflect these statements and we look forward to working together to bring our shared vision into reality.