Raglan Primary School

Raglan Primary School lies in the centre of Bromley. It is a popular, oversubscribed school and enjoys a very good reputation in the Borough of Bromley.

It is very well led and managed by the headteacher with full support from the leadership team, staff and governors who share her vision for excellence and enjoyment. Pupils thrive both academically and personally in a welcoming, caring and very well-organised environment. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including their behaviour, is excellent. They really enjoy school because they feel exceptionally safe, are well cared for and receive a curriculum which is relevant to their daily lives. They are enabled to develop an excellent understanding of healthy lifestyles. Pupils in the specialist speech and language classes make outstanding progress, particularly in speaking, literacy and numeracy, because they are given excellent opportunities for developing their personal and academic abilities. Parents and carers are generally very pleased with the school and, as one parent commented, ‘My child has loved his time at Raglan; he has flourished as a person, socially, emotionally and academically.’

In addition to a strong curriculum and extra curricular activities, Raglan pupils exhibit excellent behaviour, they enjoy school as their extremely good attendance demonstrates.

What are we trying to improve?

Raglan has many strengths; the Leadership Team with Governors regularly review and evaluate aspects of school life. This year we are consolidating systems for tracking pupils’ progress. We are looking very carefully at making these assessments as accurate as possible so that pupils are judged where they are working consistently. Knowing where pupils are working, allows us to plan appropriate next steps in their learning. Tracking pupil performance, supporting specific needs and challenging our most able pupils ensures that all our children continue to make good progress over time.

The School Improvement Plan is written by staff to outline our strategy for improvement over the next three years and the coming year in detail. This document also gives a steer for training, expenditure and whole school issues. The main areas for improvement currently are moderation, communication and community links. Communication and information sharing is another area where we wish to further develop. The new report format, newsletters and termly curriculum information inform parents about their child and the progress they are making.

View our Raglan Curriculum here