Curriculum Intent Statement for Raglan Primary School

Our curriculum is ambitious and has been designed to raise aspirations and fire children’s curiosity; create a sense of personal pride in achievement; provide a purpose for learning and ultimately to help every child discover their strengths and interests. Our curriculum ‘drivers’ underpin the direction and development of all areas of school life and ensure our curriculum is enriched and personalised in order to meet the needs, interests and ambitions of our children and their families.


We will give children opportunities to think critically and develop resilience by embracing challenges, overcoming difficulties and solving problems. By igniting the natural curiosity of our children we enable them to become independent learners and empower them to question and challenge their own and others’ thinking.


We want our children to see the world through the eyes of others by developing an understanding of global issues. We empower our children to be champions for change, knowing that they will leave a legacy. We encourage our children to have a positive and sustained impact on the environment around them and to be proactive promoters of Raglan eco values.

Community and Diversity

Our school provides opportunities for the children to embrace the diversity of the school, local and international communities to which we all belong. Through their learning and the curriculum we offer the children will develop a sense of fairness and empathy in order to make a positive impact whilst building genuine relationships. We believe in the power of the school community to change and enhance lives.


We believe that helping our children express their thoughts, ideas and feelings with confidence is an important part of their personal development and well-being. Children have a right to be heard – their voice is important. They will have access to a wide range of carefully planned opportunities and experiences that will support them to develop a rich and broad vocabulary enabling them to communicate with confidence in a variety of situations.

Raglan provides a highly inclusive environment where learners enjoy their education and all children are appropriately challenged. The curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant. It has been carefully planned to ensure progression and to enable children to deepen their knowledge and understanding and develop into responsible, resilient, confident and successful learners who know how to make a positive contribution to their diverse community and the wider society.

High quality educational visits and visitors are chosen to enhance the curriculum and provide pupils with memorable experiences and rich opportunities which bring learning to life, support children’s vocabulary development and enable them to learn from and appreciate our diverse community and other people’s experiences.

Our curriculum has been designed to encourage a love of learning and spark intellectual curiosity. The curriculum has been carefully planned to engage children by expanding on their interests and to ensure that it is relevant to the children and the diverse local, national and global communities of which they are members. The curriculum has been developed to ensure that all children are stretched and challenged while developing the desire to find out more about the world and question what may be generally accepted.

Raglan promotes a love of reading within all of our pupils and their families. Texts have been carefully selected to engage all children by extending their interests, introducing previously unexplored characters, worlds and themes and enhancing the curriculum. The texts have been chosen to provide all children with the opportunity to enjoy all text types and genres and to ensure a progression in children’s vocabulary acquisition. Children are also encouraged to develop a love of reading and their particular interests by selecting their own reading books from a range of schemes and ‘real’ books in class libraries, as well as regularly borrowing from the school library. The curriculum provides daily opportunities for children to develop a love of reading and confidence to explore a wide variety of genres and form their own opinions about what they read.

We recognise the importance of children reading beyond the curriculum and offer regular opportunities for pupils and parents to enjoy reading together at our termly Reading Breakfasts.

We recognise the importance of wellbeing and have designed a curriculum that reflects this. P.E, art and music all have a high profile at Raglan. These subject areas support children’s emotional intelligence, provide a safe environment and enable children to identify and communicate their personal experiences and emotions. We also ensure children develop an understanding of the different strategies that support wellbeing and identify what works for them as an individual. To further promote physical health and wellbeing, we offer learners an opportunity to access a wide variety of clubs after school hours and during lunch times.

Our curriculum encourages children to work collaboratively and independently through a variety of learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Outdoor learning encourages the children to create and investigate learning questions while exploring the outdoor space collaboratively with their peers. Paired and small group learning inside and outside of the classroom encourage communication and co-operation to achieve a shared outcome. We believe that a balance of independent and collaborative activities develops our children as independent learners with a thirst for increasing their own skills and knowledge as well as their communication and empathy.

Beyond the curriculum, children have access to many opportunities to work as a team to make decisions such as contributing to School Council and Eco meetings, becoming travel ambassadors for the school, becoming reading ambassadors or Sports Leaders and joining the digital council. Children are encouraged to participate in sporting activities and represent the school in inter-school competitions in football, Cross Country and other sports.

Our older children host an annual Christmas party and strawberry tea for local senior citizens during which they talk with them about their experiences, provide entertainment and serve refreshments.

Our world and the environment in which we live is of great importance to the Raglan community. Throughout the curriculum we develop an understanding of global issues and the children learn about the actions that they can take to have a positive and sustained impact on the environment around them. This is driven by our Eco Council who discuss relevant issues, raising awareness and implementing changes that will ensure Raglan plays its part in looking after the world for generations to come.

We want Raglan children to develop the skills to question and challenge others while retaining respect for everyone’s opinions, listening to various viewpoints to help them make informed decisions on their own developing views. Through our curriculum, we teach them to challenge what they believe to be wrong by explaining their own understanding and experiences to shape a better appreciation of the world around them and the people within the local, national and global communities in which they live.

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